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Sonomax Pro-Fit Hearing Protectors 

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The Sonomax Pro-fit is fitted on-site by one of our experienced Sonomax implementers. Each person has an autoscopic examination to ensure suitability for fitting the Somomax Pro-fit hearing protector. Somomax Pro-fit is fitted and tested in one session reducing cost production hours and reducing travel costs associated with returning to a workplace for separate fitting.

SonoCustom: Quantified Custom Hearing Protection in Minutes

  1. Sonomax Hearing Protection is custom fitted to your ear

  2. Proper seal and comfortable fit are achieved

  3. Sound is measured outside and inside your ear to prove noise reduction

  4. A filter is selected according to your noise environment and then inserted in your Sonomax Hearing Protector

  5. There you have it; quantified protection

  6. Yes, you’re done.

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